It vexes me to have burnt my lips upon yours, just for curiosities sake;

second degree burns and blistered sensitivity

as if I am some novelty , you decided appealed to you.

You tell me to love you because you can’t hold yourself together;

as well as I appear to be holding myself,

tightly bound and cruelly gagged.

As if I am just some map, to find where you lost yourself

because you can’t escape your woes, and my lips look like relief.

Well, there is no salvation in me,

 My desires are savage beasts, that snap their jaws and salivate at your careless naivety.

Feral, incoherent, impetuous creatures that claw and seek.

My stomach collapses with the raging hunger of brutish violence,

I am a bottomless pit of pillage and dessert.

I am the phantom demon, you tell ghost stories of in the dark

to tremble in your skin and liven your heart.

I will possess your unconsciousness and nightmares will have no significance,

for I will overwhelm your presence with my absolutely tormenting splendor.

I say unto you, keep your soggy affections,

dripping with tainted tears.

I’m not as lonely as I seem,

nor am I as giving as you need.

Not when these ghouls follow me.

 © Zianna Libardo Valexia Valtero, 2016


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