Know Your Happiness

Never live or love for temporary happiness
We live in a consumerist and capitalist environment
Our nature’s repel against these delusions of grandeur
Our intuition sings out the nourishment of the soul and these artificial lifeforms can’t sustain us
Our souls need fresh spring water without chemical plastic
Our souls need love like the strong cleansing aroma of mud and evergreen
What they sell like magicians are smoke screens and mirrors
The true master performs miracles beyond farthing and imagination
The Tao creates worlds, universe’s, and galaxies.
There is nothing that they can create or supply you with that does not already exist
That isn’t already provided for health and nurture
The Essence gives all then gives more in an everlasting overwhelming stream
And if you are looking, you will see The Essence looking back
All this economy is folly
Nature is divine truth
Drink deep Its abundance and be well
Blessed be.


© Zianna Libardo Valexia Valtero, 2016


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