She is the earth,  I’m in awe wandering

Her body is land and water,  sacrosanct

I swim in her depths,  unfathomable

Her breast are mountains, breathtaking

Her lips are volcanos, stunning all in her path

Her eyes are glaciers, striking

Her tears are the hot springs I bath in,  rejuvenating

Her fingers are flowers,  delightful

Her hair are the tall fields of grass, soothing

Her voice is the wind,  language of the soul

Her cum is the nectar of divinity,  abundance

Bury me in fields of flowers

Let my corpse be nourishment to your beauty

And let your daisies trace along my spine

As I become stones in your meadows

Deeply rooted in your soil



© Zianna Libardo Valexia Valtero, 2016




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