An Act of Violence

It really bothers me when people tell me that I shouldn’t do something because of my female sex.  It doesn’t matter if it comes from a genuine place of concern.  It’s not my pride or the injury to my intelligence.  It’s the blatantly accepted ignorance,  that comes pouring out of the mouth of propaganda fed fools.  Don’t insult me or yourself.  It’s doesn’t matter what color or sex I am,  or what I do.  An act of violence is an act of violence.  It will come whether you go about life or not.  Do you honestly think your words or your concern will blanket me with safety? Do you think your words will excuse you from the cycle of violence?   Your ignorance contributes to it like a bubonic plaque.  Your very unconsciousness is an act of violence against me. So,  when you warn me,  against doing something because of this vagina between my legs,  and how people view it as a weakness; you remember,  you are one of those people. You can’t warn me from violence, you contribute to it,  with your mentally and lack of forethought.  You fear for my well being,  no,  fear yourself.  I came out out of the womb soaked in the placenta of danger.  Blood is no foreign scent to me.  I bleed every month.  I was born into it.  Blood is my birthright,  and violence the legacy passed unto me by my species.  Don’t force your fears onto me.  Don’t assault me with your insecurities.  No one ever said life was safe.  Being male and white,  won’t protect me either.  Nothing will protect us.  There is nothing to defend ourselves from.  We are the weapons.  We are the violence.  We are the spilling of blood.  Think on that next time you coddle me with your  self-doubt.  How is your lack of awareness harming us all?






© Zianna Libardo Valexia Valtero, 2016





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