When do the moons leave the stars and planets?

In the dark maybe?

That is how left you me.

With out any light to glow or even seethe.

Or were you the planet my gravity was stuck to?

Because I cant leave. It was your oxygen in the air that I breath.

Without you, its stifling.

Or maybe I just thought I was a moon.

Instead a roving mass of dust and rock, gliding pass you?

I don’t know but my heart aches for these millennium of passing you by.

You named me Haley, and looked at me with admiration.

I always see you every 70 years, you said.

You always look so beautiful.

Then you asked me to stay the morning and in the night you were gone.

The next time I came by, you didn’t know who I was.

And I did know who I was either.

I just know I felt like a streaming pile of dirt.

Every time I see you I feel I’m a bother.

Just another dead anomaly without water.



© Zianna Libardo Valexia Valtero, 2016


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