Her fragment pieces

are worlds of wonder for me to appeal to

her scars are jigsaw puzzles of precious pink

so the gorgeous entrappings of silk beckon for kisses

and inquires of curious florets

these protruding petals are the dearest of lips

for my starving search of mouth

Scars do adorn her



Grazing fingers along stray fibers that are soothing and enveloping
Lost to the intricacies of sensations
Cheek to the cocoon myriad of materials
Heaviness gathers at the eyes in a comfort of seductive drowsiness
Hush my cacophony of chaotic mind into gentle nothingness
I am falling away from the critical of being
Drifting down into the slumber of tenderness
Wrap my skin in the silky trappings of unconsciousness
Then the strumming of harping heartstrings in the soft drumming of beating heart
What is that song of body that appears so endlessly
But disappears so suddenly back into the circling of life stream
Rushing along in the urgent vitality of blood and water
Are these veins streams or streams veins in this confounded meshing of livelihood
Let me back to the suffocation of humming humid breath
I adore this fever of self, abandoned amongst the florals of sense
Drown me out in your deafening hum
Compact me down to grinded powder
Inhale and absorb me with your eagerness
Let my being hold no corporal animation again
Longing for a time when there wasn’t envy for strangers as passersby
No, my soul was not meant for breath
My being too fragile for this stifling need
I never want to feel so unloved again
Never, Never
Cripling under the wieght with no resistance
Who mistaken, thought me resilient enough for existence
I once swayed, felt maybe the wind knew an empathy for me
Now I am not so foolhardy to believe
I know a reverence, its just not adoration for me
You so disengaged, huff with exasperation
I have tired you with the askance of reprieve
The distance makes such sweet company
Of which you have such precious need
In which what am I to take leave
For as long as you live I shall bleed
And this you so tenderly make of mockery
To absolve from your own being