Java’s requiem

You are rich, warm, heady, like the overwhelming of coffee

A caffeine dream

Bottomless brown

So enthralling

Crawling up my nostrils and consuming

Bitterness does not restrain the torment of your burning brilliancy

Scorching my tongue as I lave at the chestnut wood of your person

I will diminish to reach even a breath of you

To the whispers of your aroma I am made faint

To the murmurs of the beans of your mouth I am grounded

Grind me into the mixture of your brew that is a nurturing cafe

You are boiling and overflowing with the woodsy roots of ether

I wouldn’t submit to influence of consumption but measurably bask in the wafting steam of your concoction

I will trade nothing for this sensation but waste within it gratefully bewitched

What to taste but your thick drowning liquid?

I sink down under your murky waters and saturate

Subdued to the sobbing of java


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