I am devoured by the propensity of your intensity.

Swallow me, swish me around the heat of your mouth, and gulp me down the greedy burning of your throat.

Bind me to your clashing eyes.

Lock me within the hardened edges of your jaws. Seep me into the deep shadows of your hovering brows.

Instill me in the determined set of your calculated dipping temples.

Engrave me In the hills of your shallow cheek bones. Bury me in the lines of your molded  lips.

Smooth me over the folds of your haunting arms.

Let your heat seal me to your flesh and your chilling charm freeze me to your bones.

Let us be one in adoration alone.

I need only fix upon you.

Need only dwell amongst you.

So to evaporate within your encasing beauty.

Know not of my endearment but only of my transfixed irises.

All senses honed to your energy like light to sound.

Give you a focus beyond momentary obsession.

Have a love that is instinctual and enlightening.


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