Dying flames

Tell the darling dying embers that I adore their hushed flame. With all these dear little sparks spinning in twirls upon the nights breeze like fireflies and the sweet smoke bathing us in a blanket of intimacy. I am marveled by the magic of your presence and your heady spell brings me to richer mind


Java’s requiem

You are rich, warm, heady, like the overwhelming of coffee

A caffeine dream

Bottomless brown

So enthralling

Crawling up my nostrils and consuming

Bitterness does not restrain the torment of your burning brilliancy

Scorching my tongue as I lave at the chestnut wood of your person

I will diminish to reach even a breath of you

To the whispers of your aroma I am made faint

To the murmurs of the beans of your mouth I am grounded

Grind me into the mixture of your brew that is a nurturing cafe

You are boiling and overflowing with the woodsy roots of ether

I wouldn’t submit to influence of consumption but measurably bask in the wafting steam of your concoction

I will trade nothing for this sensation but waste within it gratefully bewitched

What to taste but your thick drowning liquid?

I sink down under your murky waters and saturate

Subdued to the sobbing of java

Rainy Windows

Quiet the stream within

Let stillness pour from your skin

Let the air of forgiveness fill your lungs

And exhale a generosity that becomes

A love like a turbulent force

And wild winds of wonder burst forth

Show us a prevailing course

Let us be in gentleness forever more

Living for the shifting currents of aesthetics

This earthly love is beyond all heaven

Shower me in this harmonious dew


I am devoured by the propensity of your intensity.

Swallow me, swish me around the heat of your mouth, and gulp me down the greedy burning of your throat.

Bind me to your clashing eyes.

Lock me within the hardened edges of your jaws. Seep me into the deep shadows of your hovering brows.

Instill me in the determined set of your calculated dipping temples.

Engrave me In the hills of your shallow cheek bones. Bury me in the lines of your molded  lips.

Smooth me over the folds of your haunting arms.

Let your heat seal me to your flesh and your chilling charm freeze me to your bones.

Let us be one in adoration alone.

I need only fix upon you.

Need only dwell amongst you.

So to evaporate within your encasing beauty.

Know not of my endearment but only of my transfixed irises.

All senses honed to your energy like light to sound.

Give you a focus beyond momentary obsession.

Have a love that is instinctual and enlightening.

Lovely mouth

  • I associate the palate of peony with your traveling lips.    These roving sophistications of articulation and poised words. I catch shimmers of tongue clashing with teeth in a portrait enthusiasm.  You are so animate in your portrayal of communication.  I study your interaction tirelessy hungry.

Grand Master

An artist once saw

The art of it all

It sought to know more

To live and explore

Not alone would it

Feel the art a bit

So it created life

To share with it’s sight

First etch the universe

Then paint the planet’s

Then mold clay diverse

Let all be organic

Artist for artist

Appreciate mind

Born so in design

Did we forget this

Made a mess of gift

Belittle each other now

Destroy the beauty

I yearn for loving

As an artist loves

Bountiful enough

Let us remember

Together join hands

Create art abound

We are not hopeless

Instincts say masterful

Such beauty no error

We must look clearer

It is all right here

In which we were made


There is no greater vibrance than the one of the sky

That so emulates the expanse of our inner being

One can burst with its likenesses

The similarities so consoling and bewildering

All that possibility

Suspended to one moment

With such subtlety

And yet braze directness

It is overwhelmingly gorgeous

The expansive dexterity of aesthetic

And its refection of us

Within its admirations

The Sadness

When sad

The beauty is the only consolation

For all the estrangement and despair

I cry

Not because I dont understand

I do

I sob for all those who are too afraid to understand

It isnt my place

I observe and I am overwhelmed

For I love them as dearly

We are so simular

I have yet to succumb to my fears

And I mourn for those who see no other way

For where there is love there can be no fear

If they only loved themselves

As I love them

We could joins spirit

  Singing of beautitude

Being amongst life

There is melancholy for those who have died

With their hearts still beating.


I took to wandering in your greenhouse.

You are a distance emancipated from the cold.

I run my shivering fingers over your warm leaves.

You’re an oasis of touch.

You are melting me.

I am your drops of dew.

Drink me up and absorb me with your heat.

 I evaporate for you.