In your cocoon I felt I would come apart

Inside the womb of your blossoming I flushed

All your warmth redeemed my skin

Your trembling breath shuttered on my lips

Your shivering hair listened in my grasp

You were all the wonder of vibrancy

Squeezing from me all awe

I am your ponderer

I marvel only to be stricken by your serenity

Cool clean eyes bath me

I have sinned and loathed whilst not understanding

Your beauty is all my being sustains for

Like the quivering notes of a starving singer

Salivating for the next tone of life

Play my strings like sweet decay

Let my cells fall amongst the shifting stomach of forest floor

Let my ashing leaves caress Your startling spring

For if I was ever life it was in your cerulean gaze

Who so studied my decomposing soul behind striving leather.

Say to me in humming strength

Let all seek and know

Let all come and go

Let will be driven

Ancient pulses strode through in a piercing strangeness

These forgotten limbs arose once more

Recieve them now in honor

Your laughing fingertips

That engulfs the light


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