The walk

I took to walking on a lark

And found myself wandering in the dark

Amongst the shadows and the shade

I found the marvels that nature laid

Towering trees encompassed my being

Then the silence swallowed everything

This stillness I could not deny

And in it midst an essence lie

There amongst things unseen

I sensed its presence following

In the cracking leaves underfoot

I heard its laughter taking root

Never had I felt such a force so serene

And found its touching all dearly keen

In my eagerness to know

I felt the force tremble and grow

And over head the birds did sing

And in the distance a pack howling

A supernatural wind traveled so

Past all the trees swaying to and fro

These voices rising in a lament suspicious

Such a curious way for fluttering pitches

In such a fashion I did observe

Fading humbly beyond all nerve

Thus I was beside all self

And completely wandered into something else

And in the richness of the elm

Found myself in a fey like realm

And so I reveled in their mellifluous chorus

And abandoned myself to the forest

I was not to be seen again

And so I met the timely end


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