Someone is waiting

Creeping in before the autumn wind

A two spirit

Hovering above separate beings

Marveling at splendid things

Not unlike Krishna’s cool gaze

An endless sky

A confounding maze

Such joy in the tumbling attentive waves

An ocean of presence

Drowsy beach days

Nature, my dear mother

Heal the pain away

Hear a child calling

I’m excited

With a passion so enthralling

Don’t spoil my young soul

Don’t steal my youth

I have so much to do

So high off of truth

Keep me cacooned in my childish ways

I want to enjoy my wonder days

They have warned me

Prepared to take my faith

Eager to see me shaken

Setting me a place

Let the truth be told

They work to be broken

And live to be old

I smile with my youthful eyes

Laugh with an exuberance that never dies

If they steal me

It won’t be alive

There won’t be a person here

To take my precious life

I love to love

The rest I can careless why

They complain to death

And I celebrate my time

This is wonderful

I’m not afraid to try

They have all given up

I am still focused on the sky

I hear Krishna humming

Pure Fearless lullaby

He is playing my song

I’m shining so bright

Every color alight

Every moment matching

Such a glorious sight

I’m trembling with all my bones clashing

Im soon to take flight

Nothing to stop all of this happening

I’m gone from humanity

Evolved on my own

No one is planting

And nobody has grows

No one wants to

But everyone knows

Childhood is believing

And believing is home

You can be lost

With many places to roam

But it isnt a adventure

If there isn’t a home

Its just another journery

Where you wander alone

Love by the people

And you love All your own

Krishna is waiting

Come back to your soul.


Tart and Dark Fruit

Suspended in the gossamer waves of your electric hair

Mystified by starlight

Your aura is humming rare

Everywhere remnants chant your ghostly tune

Come home to me

Strings still strumming in your room

I’m miss you

You are still the voice in my ear

Haunting Claire de lune

You dont visit anymore

You left for something true

I was honesty

Just not your truth

You found yourself in moonstone

Colors of eternal youth

Don’t call for me

I’m leaving soon

Left a window open

For the breeze to come through

Sweeping away on scatter hopes

The wind is healing

And the trees are calm

They knew I was coming

They planned my resolve

Come little sister

Hurry along

There is a life to live

Be apart of this one

I’m hyperventilating

Anxious then anticipating

I have already gone

Should have left before you

But I don’t have your certainty

All I have is wonder

I can be curious

Then torn assunder

Those words goodbye

Are a luxury


You are a sweet after taste

I cry

And you have me with so much grace

Dark dusty pomegranate

You loved my grandmother

Reborn to reap upon me havoc

I am not the women of my elder

I find joy whilst I suffer

Seeing divinity has never came so easy

I carry with poise the scars that you leave me

Worry no more

I may be vunerable

 not nearly so fragile

I do not break with the same ease that I beguile

I am not the women who screams

I am the original seed

The foundation to the sprouting of dreams

I take back my name

Enjoy what you received

I may be giving but no one takes from me

Spare your guilt and shame

I have nothing to bare the fruit of your blame

I am forgiving

And find your veins

I fill them with the women

You flushed down the drain

You should have love

All the adornments they spared

You should wear it in your skin

Like the charm you have trapped in your hair

Slick like a spider

Catching unawares

you always loved surprises

Stunning in your air’s

I know your heart cares

You keep searching

You won’t find me anywhere

Im stuck in everywhere

And you can look there

Too human to pursue

Something larger than you

My spirit is still waiting for you to move

You never really left

Maybe its for the best