bees hum your tune

a serenade of marmalade

and sweet honey dew

your blue eyes ensnare the skies

and make them reflect you

your smile resides in the sun light

 and the breeze can only slightly cease

what your touch can do

and still I don’t drink my fill

of the fresh spring and daffodils\

everywhere your essence trills

as natural as all rolling hills

and the green leaves in the trees

and all the silver fishes in the seas

I still can’t fathom what it all means

the collective of you

these contradictions do pursue

the loveliest chaos through and through

only finds such marvelous harmony within you

I have tried to wrap my head around it

and still I can’t understand

I am in all awe confounded

I wish I could say so much more

than I adore

so adore

absolutely adore

every semblance of you

I am enthralled to glance up your way

to be inspired to remember my place

you settle the hysteria inside

a flash of your teeth and I am alight

your skin glows like a beacon in the dark

a pleasant reminder of what sets us apart

still I enjoy the part in your hair

the sliding waves

that frame your face

the deep of your voice that strips me bare

naked I dance before your naivety

flushing with desire under the weight of your gravity

I am drawn to you

 I succumb to you

unraveling yours

vibrating to a tempo of your chords

sing me alive

give me the breath of life

let me be music to you

as surely as the symphony

you have come to gift to me


the last note until pleasure

so close to pain

until I quake

just barely start to break


when I can’t bare anymore


devour me

into you



Quiet steals the night for me

sweeps me away

in stillness, I am being

this uncertainty means nothing

I mean nothing

It is a yearning

a distance

A quiet wish

A breathe of wonder

a sparkling prize in a child’s eyes

curiosity our purest inquest

I couldn’t know

yet, I already do

this spark between almost and am

An in-between existence of absolute

this presence a precious kiss

to be alive

to taste, savor, and wonder

Ah me!

the sun on my skin

the air in my lungs

and the breeze a sweet caress

and say its all a gift

don’t speak it

don’t utter a sound

but animate it into being

through insignificance

do you ever feel like everything is alive?

waiting, anticipating, swallowing you whole

an envelopment of senses

lost in an euphoria of existence

not a millisecond inadequate

each happening rapturous in such cycles

in passing perceived normalcy

in exhaustion boring

or in violence paradise

we think it is all normal

trying to capture chaos in a stagnant thing

even that is extraordinary

everything is so alive

im going mad

I feel okay

at once

it all feels good

we are so fortunate

I want to ask

Don’t you love being alive?

Isn’t it wonderful?

this life?