Serene Green

Laying awash in such abandon of that burnished red 

Astonished and uncertain 

Forgone into that far off place

Fog envelopes into a womb of wonder

Where ever to be but confounded in that chaotic spring 

A ravishing garden wild with suffocating 

Writhing blindly in Amber oblivion 

In darling forbidden words

Taste life anew and surreal

Perish of loveliness 

Beauty the only consolation 

For this endless mystery 

To almost


But to never grasp

With any utterance being

The sheer awe of this encompassing whole

An ivy of yearning swallows my spine

Twist and twinning 

Merging with the pits of my stomach

Shouting urgency 

Like pale jade the veins panic 

Pearly luminescence 

Hovering from the essence out of the pours

Cry like ecstatic birds in the joy of flight

Fall and never crash into the earth

Blessed creatures

To be lost and always know your way oh kiss companionship gently 

So the dew upon the morning leaves

Trees my old souls

Guide me to being

To touch the roots of life

To be positive 

To be sure in existence 

In life

In divinity

Those green orbs urge 

Pink petals to speak only truth

Let the air give birth anew

Tears exhaust my shoulders into sleep 

Gratitude to this slipping heap 

I need freedom

Shut in my own destruction 

I tire of this waste

Encapsulate me in nature

In the endless flow

I love the harmony of my breath

distracting sureness of my drifting blood

I know 

I see

I am

With my chest heaving 

Struggling it all makes sense

Envaporating into the mist

Bubbling up into sea foam

Carried from the shores

Into the deep welcoming heart of the ocean


Not myself 

But all myself


Without question

Or meaning

But sure

As the sunlight crosses the glossy surface

As the ghostly gravity of the blue

Freeing as the limbs that swim combing through

Shut me up

This noise inside

Let silence take bring me home

I love the ancient whisper

Timeless song

Fine glass 

Polished sand 

And watering glow

This vast jewel

Take upon me


Be upon me

Like a nymph amongst the trees

Your crystal hands heal

I see an infinite sky of green

I feel everything


Relentlessly honest

My admiration for others consist only for their dreams

I love these fictional characters

That appear in pieces of me

I find my self in fiction

Created out of creation

I am disconnected from other people

I don’t know if it is because I think I don’t deserve them

Or if it is because I think they don’t deserve me

I feel urgent eyes look upon me in expectations

What can I do?

What do I have to give?

I fold their desires like fresh linens and tuck them away in drawers of things I can’t do

Wishes I can’t fullfil

I am no genie

I disappoint

Their once enamored glittering eyes that fell upon me in awe dim to shallow distraught disenchantement

I give them kindness

And then nothing at all

We weren’t meant to be enough

We were meant to be whole

I am whole

Satisfied beyond my disability

I am that I am

Sadness creeps in

Just a pale reflection of my dismay

I let it come

Then let it fade

Sadness outlives its purpose

Just as all things

But we are glorious as we are

Each fading wonder

I finger through pages of snow flakes

Crystals falling from the sky of endlessness

These marvelous bridges of water

To freeze

To fade

Strength through fragility

Life giggles like a fascinated babe

Such power in unsuspecting places

As strong

As the weak

We are each others weak point

Carry on

We can be strong

We are each others strength

A web

A gossamer entanglement

No one is lying

The truth flies resiliently like the desendants of birds

We all hear the honesty

Jangling in our ears like wind chimes

There are no lies

It is impossible.

I love beautiful things more than you or anything else. These my constant companions. These my dear friends. These the only escape from the horrors of this humanity. These precious raindrops of awe in a drought being. I was beautiful within these lovely inhabitants. I belong to these loving creatures that swell into existence in the most obscure of places. Like rare Wonders in a world that willingly ignores their splendor. So afraid of their own shadows. Their own inner depth. I love them. Bath in them and sink.