The Breath Before the Storm



Give ease

Give need

Let be



Into the force

Into the soul

Out of head

Out of control

I want it all

Feel everything


The great emptying

Pent up

Tied down

Tried to get it

Tried to let it out

If the flame is burning

I dont feel a sting

The fire dances on my skin

As Im observing

Am I in here

Make a sound

Its unnerving

Im so done with my shit

I cant remain stagnant

Let me burst into flames

I am living life

Like a bird

Caught in a cage

But the doors wide  open

All I need is to fly

Rise and rise

Burst into light

Feel the flame

Lift from the ashes


Like a tornado passing

I fight my self

Am I weak

Am I strong

Is it in me

Laying dormant all along

Am I anything at all

But the tide

I rise and fall




The current calls

My siren song

To the bottom of ocean

 Or the top of its storm

A revelating  notion

To belong to no form


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