Subconscious Death

I dream of death

a single suspended breath

accentuation into the merging realm

An intertwining quest

communing with the elm

earthly ascendance

foundation in the helm

all that is bewitching

in commonality I found

sugar no sweeter

then grainy ants on your tongue



unraveling what’s been done

Not murder

these ants are alive

traveling down my throat

gathering in my spine

at one with me

in the core of what is to be

I am tired

of unconscious death

it is crushing my lungs

harrowing my chest

culture is not separation

of unlike better beings

it is practice

of all common means


all trying

to push along

move forward

surpass the things

given in circumstances

transforming into dreams

mindless blood

spilling onto black sheets

no one is wrong

we are all incomplete

I can’t kill what trembles inside

I can understand why it weeps

overwhelmed with all it struggles to keep

let it go as all things come to be

void cannot fill void

and so zero lays waste into nothing

with silence precious noise

all that’s absent becomes something

one whole touches one whole

two becomes soul

the spirit takes three

engulfs all of me

spirit to body is four

wonder all the more

this love is mine to spend

and I shall give until ascend

I wish I could mend




pressured apprehension


don’t release

fill and absorb

take with ease

it is welcoming

just to be

we are

we will always indeed

come in

come beside

come feel

come alive

I do touch

I do breath

I dream of death

in living sheath

I dream death is not our key

It is the door locking


I dream of coming

death just life transforming

in forms learning

I dream a place real

I know what I feel

it’s here


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