What is a name?

What was my name

you said it was precious to you

show me

say it

taste it

each syllable like you are starving

don’t waste one piece

lick each drop like honey

and spell it out like alphabet soup

what am I

don’t tell pretty lies

they won’t get you far

I know ugliness

like my body knows scars

you have no one to fool

I just want the truth

don’t waste your time

I won’t lay down

open my legs

I won’t twist

or beg

I’ll sit across the way

speak your name

look you in the face

stare into your eyes

don’t bother with lies

there will be no prize

no one wins

when dishonesty gives

I want the sweat of your skin

the beads of earnest

I want you like this

breathing and living

not suffocating and stiff

that is no way to live

talk to me

tell me what I do

what it means to you

I’ll do the same

speak on the panic as you came

all the uncertainty that jumped at your name

no use in being ashamed

we have something to claim

who we are

who we want to be

what we need

if we feed

each others souls

or strike out

and never know

live to let go

or hold



and scream

unravel at the seams

find how it means

when we glimmer in the sheen

of the light we think we bring

I know each detail

do you

do you want to

like I do

what is my name to you?


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