A Prayer to the Trees

Can I accept that I don’t love

as the sea flows

unraveling details

leaves me naked and exposed

lies of someone composed

it shows

I am drifting with the tide

fading with the fog

undone where I thought I could hide

sinking like a log

oh, I touch the soaked bark

a drenched part of me

it is real

it bleeds

it’s leaves

it’s shaking seeds

I can’t retrieve

or find relief

for the grown discomfort inside of me

it grew  through my bones and flesh

into my soul

around my chest

out of my heart

piercing my breath

I gasp at the depth

I feel every part of it’s quest

seeping into the blood

if I do bleed

it is for it’s own good

as I never could

I let it sink like the wood

to the bottom of the river

as I always should

one with the truth

one with the wet

like the days I was unborn

without said

without mourn

I spray alive into the wind

becoming rain

becoming earth

another birth

of water

and flesh

on the forest floor

of sand

and seed

the primitive of me

not the confusion they breed

in the mind of what they think should be

but in the feeling

in the moment

when we aren’t a process

but whole and open

I was this thing

as a babe

a wailing wave

roaring as I came

at one and the same

together with the tide

from mother to mother

her currents carrying you alive

sister and brother

side by side

wedded by the ride

let the cloak of salt

bath my skin

cover me like the sun

dancing with the reflection of the surface and the wind

I want to come

to the wonder

from which I was done

back to where it begun

because ending is all I have known to succumb

fallen to death

then the love of it’s son

made up like a lover

beloved by none

a wisp of the fey

long gone away

not my dawn

not my day

lost in the world

where I have long been washed away

magic only comes when made

not by whim

or by faith

not the old ways

to gather me back to the mists of the great

Avalon, my lady

my grace

oh, to look upon your shores

to be back in the glow of your smiling face

to love and love

as I never did in all my days

back to your majesty

home to your praise




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