Where is home?

Oh the places I go.

Far away in my head.

To break free from this hell that people call home.

My home is a far off place.

With clouds in the sky that carry you away.

The sky isn’t always an striking azure constant blue.

It sighs understanding and changes with mood.

The days drift by with only the loveliest things to do.

Singing carries on the wind.

Like a considerate jukebox that lets all listen in.

The plants gives complements as you walk by.

Cheering you on and celebrating life.

They give most pleasant conversation.

Friends of the most sincere dedication.

The Flowers scent makes you laugh

cure the heart

with there hands in your hands

a smile that understands

they tend to the child in you

where is everything is confusing and new.

The trees the elders and the wise

Most patient with the best advice.

and under your feet

the ground has a heartbeat

a gentle rhythm

in tune to every song.

it taps along

in my world

we are alive

with every breath

with every strive

we are kind

a connection to each others mind

in my world

we are true

because life is hard enough to get through

In my world

a good heart

is a good mind

feeling good

is how you know you are fine

positive vibes

is the direction in life

follow the loving flow

you’ll know

where to go

that is home


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