A Grainy Kindness

I should of the let the fingers sink in,

play uninhibitedly with my hair and skin,

Tangling and soothing,

Should of let it grasp me,

tie me closer,

bring me in,


clouds to free fall rain,

should of let it dissolve me,

Evaporate my being into nonexistence,

gave myself one precious cathartic lie,


Life is blatant true,

every honesty I took to,

as lost creatures do,

I should steep,

I should cry,

not a blame,

or a tear to my eye,

I should indulge,

I should glean,

from bit to bit,

and seam to seam,



clutch something,


embrace touching,

on a gentle periphery,

let me be,

let me be,

too far gone,

I am the moon,

just after the sun,

second to come,

left over for none.


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