Mermaid Angel

when I first saw you

you looked like an angel

all sad and forlorn

I wanted to go over

and sooth you

you looked like a fallen angel

like God had failed

and forgotten you

your eyes were an unseeing glaze

your movements an unfeeling ghostly grace

and then you opened your petite delicious mouth

and you started singing

you sound like a broken heart

strumming broken strings

veins cut and bleeding

injure struck and wounded

it wasn’t harsh

but soft

like the dripping cascade cloud of your hair

in running waves

and the cushioned pillow of your lips

the cast warm brown of your irises

all warmth and sullen

like cinnamon and  brown sugar

so sweet

astoundingly luscious

the peels of your voice

echo across the halls of my heart

with sharp imprints of cadence

encapsulating my being

with cocooned wonder

salt never unveiled such sweetness

as the cries of your tender song

and unshed tears

would you cry for me now?

would you cry so sweetly forever?

I would listen readily

an eternity

on and on

my goddess of the sea

swimming mermaid of my heart

angel fallen for me

I am the God you’ll never part.



  1. Elan Mudrow · September 18, 2014

    Nice writing! I enjoyed it a lot.
    check out:

    • valexiavaltero · September 18, 2014

      thanx. You suggest this person a lot is their a reason why?

      • Elan Mudrow · September 18, 2014

        The poetry is good.

      • valexiavaltero · September 18, 2014

        ah, Okay. I’m on their page right now. Pretty good material. Glad you liked my poem. ^.^

      • Elan Mudrow · September 18, 2014

        Take care.

      • valexiavaltero · September 18, 2014

        You too. Stay blessed.

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