The Passing

I press my soft ear

to your tender hungry heart

I want to hear what strong sounds like,

Is it loud?

can something so small

hear something so big

are the veins swollen

with your magnitude

are the cells more ambitious

is the iron of a different strength

what separates us


a body

a mind

a soul

your vitality

so apparent

is it a choice

is it design

I let go

these small hands

can’t grasp hold of huge

these tiny hands

tend dainty things

I’d lend my hand

but you don’t seem to need much help

I keep to little things

I want to be independent too

appreciated for all I can do

tired of being torn down

my petals plucked

and my thorns ignored

what is beauty for?

A scent so sweet

could I appeal to something as harsh as you?

I am just a flower

amongst wilderness

a moment

nothing more


What do you find precious?

I find the sky

it is constant

ever changing

but always there

yes, I dream

but my dream stays

come and go

come and go

so very confusing

with no roots

to stabilize us

is nature so cruel?

or are we ungrateful?


you catch me on the wind

drifting away

my petals in the stream

my scent a memory on the breeze

on autumn eve

was I ever real

was there ever me?

or am I just life

and life

again life

after life

so life

on life

about life

through life

around life

amongst life


circles in circles

is this sempiternal?

Should I be afraid?

or should I just let it go

should I just go

cause we all do

a flower

a prince

an eternity

passing by you


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