The proposal.

You swore.
A binding profanity.
A melting seal.
Like tasting the grainy fruits of almost.
Your big globes of hazel persuasive.
Encompassed a new world.
A new love.
A new being.
Away from this absence.
Fey bewitching.
Spiriting afar.
Like crisp dew.
In cloud castles.
Foggily wandering illusive.
Into earthlight skies.
Lovely and crushing.
Too heartrending.
Surreal Asteria.
Castaway yesteryear.
Sailing wanderlust.
Foreway to galatea.
Swan cloth stream.
Flowing into starry dust.
Flowering onto bewilderment.
You oathed.
A shimmering seduction.
Too luminous.
Birthing misadventure.
Animating misdeeds.
Baring ache.


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