Scarred and Shameless

I don’t think you know it. I am not ashamed of my self harm. I don’t regret a moment of anger or misery. Any of those attempts to understand or encapsulate myself as I am. I healed and I grew. I was scared and confused, that is not something to be ashamed of. I was fragile as everyone is. I didn’t smoke, drink, fight, or do drugs. Which have been socially accepted. I was angry and I took it up with myself. I searched for a way to love myself in a world where I had no grasp of the concept. So I experimented in an unhealthy way. I had to learn somehow. So I found love through hate, these shameless twins. I love my scars as I love myself. Shamelessly. I don’t think they are ugly. How can a journey be ugly? My story is amazing. My scars are only a fragment of that story. So no, I will not belittle myself or my strength for you. My scars wonderful. I am wonderful. I continue to heal. Shamelessly. I live.



  1. TheCatssMeoww · September 4, 2014

    Spoken like a true boss. You’ve quit self harming yourself right?

    • valexiavaltero · September 4, 2014

      Yes, four years recovered. Still going strong. Thank you.

      • TheCatssMeoww · September 4, 2014

        That’s awesome. What other coping methods have you found to be helpful?

      • valexiavaltero · September 4, 2014

        Writing, reading, singing, listening , drawing , coloring, exercising video games, meditating, toga, dancing. Anything distracting and self love practicing. Creating utilized our awareness of the preciousness of life and ourselves. Blessings Volunteer work. Most importantly making the conscious, aware choice to recover and not self harm. It’s about being stubborn and honoring your word with yourself.

  2. Beneath the Smiles · September 5, 2014

    Well done! Beautiful attitude

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