Body language

His eyes countered mine, with are you okay? My eyes showed the lie, I am always okay. I wasn’t okay. You couldn’t read the languages of my body like I so frequently read yours. I am beginning to believe. I have no language. That my body is as silent as the horrifying distance between. The distance that shadows me everywhere. Say quietly in the guise of silence, that it isn’t so.  That you and if not, any someone will unveil this mystery, besides me.  For every word I divulge, falls to secret as if they never were. Unborn and unheard.  I hear you. That loud thirst for the watery women in which your desires insist I must be.  Yet, I feel desolate and dry as death valley. I pray show me these sweet showers you speak of. Where do they wander or rest? I see not a dew drop for salvation. Hear not a word of consolation. In the vast silence, I hear but only eternity, in it’s mocking certainty. Come forth. Come home. Oh, child being of grace. Humanity is not a place for souly pure loving existence. It is a place for adventure. In all pain and joy. For utter transformation. To love as love, is to leave humanity for pure being. Such an animation belongs to divinity. Be divine and let go. Or be mortal and stay. Come. Here is home. Your eyes don’t say, stay. They say, where are you? I don’t know what my eyes say. Standing in front of you, I must be so faraway. Can’t you hear me? I’m telling you I am right here, and I’m okay.



  1. justinaluther · August 29, 2014

    This is very well written.

    • valexiavaltero · August 29, 2014

      Thank you. I appreciate the feed back.

      • justinaluther · August 29, 2014

        You’re welcome. I just try to be the reader I’d want to have. (-:

      • valexiavaltero · August 29, 2014

        I can dig that.

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