Anti- Humanity






hungry human beings.

Oh yes, I almost fear them.

If I had the courage to fear.

I would fear them resentfully.

Yet, fear is a disservice to who I am.

So I admire.

I admire the beautiful when I met them.

So rarely they are exotic.

Rushing by as the illusion of time does.

I admire their unapologetic truths.

Their hunger to understand themselves.

I only focus on the good.

The bad is endless and seems to keeps on going.

But the beautiful can sneak on past if not paid careful just to.

The tear stain tinkle of an eye.

That sense of vulnerable overwhelming.

The perfection of the pores be-telling all we don’t speak on. 

Fragile things make us.

Fragile things break us.

We give ourselves undeserved importance.

Only fragile beings mean anything in life.

We besmirch ourselves with pride.


We should wonder.



Curious for curiouser.

Understand that smalls details make extraordinary circumstances.

Lose your mind and feel something.


Just don’t be human.

Don’t repeat our ancient mistakes.

Be conscious.

Be aware.

Be considerate.

Be the trees.

The grass.

The atoms.

The cells.

Just don’t be Human.

Be in love with everything.

Let it ruin you.

It’s better than the selfish remains of destructive humanity.

Be art.

Be beauty.

Be love.

Don’t be human.

Be beautiful.









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