Amber warmth.
Encompassing the shallow pools of my blood.
My vein thin and webbed swallow my tiny frame.
Constant suggestions of humanity.
Short spurts of truth in cups of pain.
Not human.
A soul to sip.
A soul to feel.
Not human.
A hot spirit in a confining cocoon.
I don’t dwell.
I won’t stay in hell.
Gasping for the sky.
Hold me.
I wasn’t human to anyone.
Not to be loved.
No sweet breeze.
Just streaming autumn leaves.
Caterpillars hold my love.
crawling over me.
I can’t cry.
I’ve never even tried.
I hibernate.
And wait.
For the falling of skin.
For the shreds to leave.
Azure skies haunt me.
Taunt me.
Cradling me with I can.
I can.
Stagnant in my wonder.
Ravens sing.
Laying open.
Down bare.
Gold care.
I’m there.
Not here.
But home.
Stifled unknown.
These walls of air.
Echo their own.
Just like love.
Can you?
I would.
Like cool waves.
I’d sway.
Towards home.


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