I carried you

on my back

through the desert

through the burning of my flesh

the burning of my bones

the burning of my ashes

the until the wind came

swept me up


and on it’s back

your words carried their solemn resonance

chasing me

haunting me

with your carnage of words

and my death was unmoving

only your feelings

validated by your animation

struck a cord

on the song of the wind

“You broke my heart.”

a heart I nurtured?

a heart that lives?

oh no

I bleed for your heart

you burned mine

and cast the ashes to the upturned sky

so my will was blue

as the reflecting sea

I should have loved better

much differently

I should have loved you little

and let your limbs carry ye

I should have burned for the wanders

that look for the stars for solace

not for you

Not so true

a fool of me

a fool I’d be

if not for the wind

that carried me




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