You Are A Wonderful World

I want to know you
take off all your clothes
caress all the hairs on your body
kiss all the textures of your skin
put my ear against the left side of your chest
listen to all your little secrets
pound wildly inside your heart
look into your eyes
and quietly accept all your mysterious depths
the way the earth accepts
the suns burning yearnful kisses
without a word
or second guessing a thing
I want to gather together every hair on your head
smooth every wild curl
massage and stroke every root
watch you fall asleep
with your head in my lap
like a faithful and trusting innocent child
with it’s whole heart open to the miracles of the world
I wants us both to be curious greedy children
with the whole of forever before us
and all of possibly greeting our wide eyes
that fill so carelessly with wonder and gratituide
I want for all the misery and sorrow that has corrupted our hearts with fear
to be lifted and thrown away
like swept up veil
so we can appeciate the essence of the world and each other
with unbiased love
and gasp
and sigh
and sing
And I want to close my eyes while I lay safely in your arms
and think, “The world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die.”
alone and unknown
because we are the same
I want to make peace with you
and God
and myself
right here
right now


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