So Worth It

touch me
tell me everything is okay
without words
or trying to fill in the space
tell me your hurt
with your whispered sight
all that I have
is to make it alright
close my eyes
 and listen to your heart beat
bang in your chest
like a call to my soul
that I have come to know best
don’t say sorry
just hold me tight
don’t you worry
lets just not fight
you peek at me
under your eyelashes
I glance at you
taking chances
hold me together
like two broken souls
each part of me
and never let go
I don’t expect you to believe
I know people lie
lets just see
and give it a try
I am no better than you
and you no better than me
we are just ourselves
within these people
 we just can’t see
but I’ll look after you
and you will look after me
if we can see each other
maybe we will finally break free
I know doubt haunts our every step
we grew in it’s shadow
and this shadow never left
just put your arms around me
and say “This feels so right” again
we can fight away the fears
and finally let the light in
I miss the sky
and I miss the sun
I don’t want to miss a thing
if you could be the one
look at me
and blush one more time
your eyes are so green
and you could be mine
pull me closer
for one more kiss
I know I waited over and over
just for this
and if this is tragedy
it is still perfect
because the way you have me
is so worth it


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