Right Here

shocking emotion
abrupt commotion
seeking validation
unwilling dedication
I’ve had enough
it’s enough
no more
close the door
hit the lock
being alone
kill the clock
I am done
I want silence
I want none
I have decided
because I can’t fight it
in the end
it’s all in vain
stop the effort
stop the strain
and just breathe
get up
I didn’t realize all this time
 I was holding my breath
preparing for the blow
that was coming next
I didn’t realize
 I was on the defense
I didn’t realize
I was choking to death
I didn’t realize
anything but the pounding in my chest
I forgot how to live
I got use to suffering
turned it into loving
dependant on wrong
like it might be the rest of the song
now it is clear
I need to breathe
I am here
no where else
but right here
without anxiety
or fear
right now
right here
in all now has to give
I have to live
in all that the future doesn’t have
I have to make it last
there is no future
there is no past
I won’t let it get me down
I have right now
I have time to figure it out
what is there to doubt?
as long I can breathe in
 and out
and all that I wanted
all that I held dear
is right there
right here


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