The Reckoning

your words mean nothing
you have left me cold
and shuttering
you say so much
so fast
it’s not enough
your words
don’t last
and I’m tired
and I’m losing it
I’ve tried to
but I can’t forget
your broken promises
your broken heart is
too damaged
too use to pain
you try to stop it
but it keeps happening
and you project your fears onto me
because I love you
because I am the only one who can see
I am wrong in your eyes
what I see
to you is just lies
I won’t forget your stark look
you were so afraid
I won’t forget how you deliberately cut me open
and left when you could have stayed
I try not to take it personal
I try to forget
but the bleeding is monumental
and I am starting to regret
I don’t like the feeling of guilt
you are leaving
and I swear you never felt
I can’t blame anyone but myself
I shouldn’t of sacrificed who I am for anyone else
and now I have to deal with the consequences
all the hurdles and jumping fences
and I don’t care if you hate me
I already hated myself
so go take your precious bullshit
and give it someone else
I don’t regret a thing
I don’t look back for anything
I know this is my life
and now is the reckoning


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