Inner Temple

I curl safely into myself.
Where love is not a cage.
A stage.
Or A haunted place.
 I curl into myself because it is my haven safe.
 Where the world is open and no one has a motive.
 Where everything is art, beauty, and loving.
 I lay on my chest and listen to my heart beat from frantic to slow drumming.
 This silent humming like a mockingbirds wings.
I tear my chest wide open and sing.
 All the horror and fears and wonders and cares.
All the beauty and the pain, all the happy and insane.
 All the places that I know and all dreams I travel in hopes to go.
 These songs fill the room.
Voices raising louder and louder into a swoon of extacy.
A chorus of so many different voices raising up out of me.
All they love, all they desire coming free.
I heard them shouting their wants and fears.
All of who they are, they wanted in here.
 Constantly, they wanted to live on in me.
 They wanted to live through me.
They wanted liberation through my dreams.
 Now I let them go, they can be free.
 And I can be me.
I can be me.
 I look down at my chest.
 To the last voice left.
Shivering and urgent.
Beautiful and quite.
Peaceful and weeping.
It is free.
 It is free.
Like little bells peeling.
 Oh, to be.
oh, to be.
All the joy.
 All the joy.
I am me.
 I am me.
 The last song is eternal
. A Dream came to be.


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