Control Life

They ask me why am I doing this.
I say it is fun.
 I grew up on misery and the point of the a loaded gun.
They say I don’t have to do it.
 It takes choices for things to change.
 I say fuck it.
 I was born different and deranged.
 In the end.
 The climax is doom.
 Everyone knows beautiful people finish with a boom.
 They whispered that her demise was the touch of skin.
 I think to live without knowing is both a pity and a sin.
 Everyone knows, until they know not.
 And how can they begin to love me?
 All I ever loved, I lost.
 I say look all you want, but never step into the store.
 The minute that you buy, you will be left wanting more.
 No one wants to give, if they don’t get.
 And everyone knows to swear on loyality, is a dying bet.
 so walk away.
 so walk away.
 If they are pretty, run.
 Don’t doubt it for one second, they will finish you before you’ve begun.
 Because their only necessity is themselves.
 It is the motto “Take what you want and fuck everybody else.”
I was raised on cold blood.
 You lie straight faced and kill for the sake of good.
 Take what you want and leave no surviours.
 Most of all, if your are going to crash, make sure you are the driver.
No, I am not afraid to die.
This kind of living, is a lie.
You can pull the trigger, if you call this life.
No, if this is breathing, I was never alive.


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