I hate myself
don’t look at me
have disgust in wealth
wish I couldn’t see
I hear what they say
feel it in what they do
they don’t like me
and I hate me too

Don’t tell me I’m wrong
I know better than that
I felt the bullet from the gun
and I’m not coming back 
I am drowning in pain
too numb to swim
choking on my choices
the lights grown dim

I am a intruder
a filthy mistake
can my actions get cruder
and my smiles more fake
so sick of pretending
this can’t get better
the final ending
demise front and center

I know what it is like to destroy something 
you think that is all you are worthy of doing
all the self hatred and corruption
trying to be someone different 
and who are you fooling?
We are who we are born to be
and we become who we dream
loving yourself the only truth to free
it is really lovelier than it ever seems
who are we to say we aren’t beautiful
to a creator who put us into being
all we can do is bountiful
we were made as impossible things

How dare we be wasteful
we are given everything
love for all that is tasteful
voices for our own songs to sing
how can we not be outrageous
and live to rebel against boring
we are to the very courageous
we are impossible beings.


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