Voices and Choices

When you called me beautiful, I felt a jump in the veins of my heart.

A sudden kind of pounding, I thought I was falling apart.

See I thought I was indifferent.

And I thought I was dead.

But the kindness in your voice

started an animation in my head.

You brought me to life

To experience dying again

see these words are you trying to make me feel better

Just so I can feel like shit in the end

Don’t get my hopes up

and don’t judge the way I don’t give a fuck

Because all these compliments are reminders

Of all the sucker punches and side blinders

And I won’t let you fool me

even if your intention are best

I don’t know who you might be

what you hide from all the rest

and I am just a small person

who is trying to protect herself

If I sleep with my heart open

it might end up with someone else

You tell me you are a prince

and that I am a princess

well they robbed me of my crown

and broke the bones right through my chest

I am just a Goddess

who God lives though

everything else is hopeless

but I am hoping that is not true

cause I like the sound of being beautiful

and that you like being with me

I know this fear sounds pitiful

but I hope it’s not the only thing you see

I am a hopeless romantic

who wants a reason to believe

This might all sound like semantics

but it means everything to me

Cause I might be decrepit

but my heart still beats

You’ll find my life where they left it

Torn and Incomplete

Can you feel my anxious breathing

as it rushes in and out of me

I use to be so calm

and this use to be so easy

Now I jump at the sound of harm

and the chance that you might leave me

it is safe to say I am fucked

who is going to want me like this

all my chickens are sitting ducks

filled with all opportunities I had missed

So call me your princess

I will call you my prince

we can call this Shakespeare’s witness

Another happy ever after we can mince

Cause I am too tiny

and you are too big

If you search you may find me

but there is no guarantee that I’ll live


When you called me beautiful, I felt a tear in the veins of my heart.

A curious kind of hurting, that has torn me apart.

See I thought this was different

and now I am dead

But the regret in your voice

started a guiltiness in my head

you brought me a life

to feel the excitement again

see these words are you trying to make me feel something

Just so you can feel better in the end

Well, don’t get my hopes up

and I won’t judge the way you don’t give a fuck.


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