The Stars and Us

I look up sat the stars

with such awe

I look for my star

the one that died so that I could live

I wonder if time is fooling me so I can still see it

or has it long past

and all I see are it’s brethren

and here we are

the remnants of this star

pale reflects of a mighty force

that once burn with such power and brilliance

shining with all of it’s existence

until its dying day that it went out in an explosion

maybe I am many stars

many lights

Inside me is possibility

inside me is fire and brilliance

I feel such loyalty to these stars

as I look amongst them

such admiration and reverence

in them I find my self

each of them a single star

but together a covenant of fireflies

Glowing in the darkness

lighting the empty spaces between them

and it is only here on earth

as a remnant that I can admire them for what they truly are

how can you look up at the stars and not believe

that inside us is an infinite light

as much as the infinite empty darkness of space

we are made up of both

we can choose stars or we can choose space

But either way we choose who are

and what is in our true nature to be






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