Take Me Home

It’s in the darkness

Come eat me alive

wish I was heartless

then I could find a way to survive

I hurt my self

I remember they hurt me too

is there a difference?

I have become so confused

tell me anything

I need to believe your lies

I see the truth now

now I live for goodbyes


I become so fond of the pain

The poison in their soft voices

My addiction concurs

They call it attention

I call it familiar

Needed a home

so I built one out of hurt

You don’t see me

you what pleases you

I know too much

I can see it too

take a breath

no! don’t you look at me

Scared to death

but it’s so easy to bleed

feel it in my chest

The constant pumping

nothing left but this

I am best on my knees

shall I beg or plea

I am so sorry

I feel it every day

I am sorry for being me

I am sorry, I try and I don’t change

I can’t love myself

I learned to hate everything

Taught from the best

how to destroy and nothing else

it so easy

It is all I know

don’t believe me

I have learn to let everyone go

Alone is all I’ve ever seen

Take me home

Pain is my family


So I close my eyes one last time

tell me I am perfect as I die

Death is the only thing that is clear

The only one who is always here

take me home

take me on my knees

no room for tears

so I only bleed

come on take me home.


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