You look at me
and I’m so small
This little thing of me
I hold it all, in
this is breaking

Can’t say I didn’t know
Can’t say I didn’t see
I could feel it in my skin
saw it, as you look at me
I’m so decrepit and so very cold
How could you miss it?
can’t I just do what I’m told!

I am wrong
all wrong
I knew it all along
too small
too little to fit
6 foot smarter
I might as well quit

Cause we hate all little people
and I hate me too
can’t look in the mirror
can’t come close to you
these baby arms
and these baby scars
said you loved me
you took the joke too far

I am scattered on floor
my blood everywhere
I did this to myself
how could I say ,you didn’t care!
and we were the best
they could tell all lies
but we were the rest
we were just too shy

And how could I say that  to you?  you said.

How could I ever show you what I meant

I am so use to my secrets

and all the mistakes I can’t forget

I didn’t think it would be you

I didn’t think of what I could do

I thought you were stronger than this

and I was wrong to suggest

I made you more that you are

I am made you pure and unscarred

I had no right to take you

snatch you up and unmake you

If you care for someone you pay attention

now I reanalyze everything thing you mentioned.

whispering, Listen
Just right the size
Just the right fit
just look in my eyes
just know I mean it
so small and so brilliant!
I love you baby
I love you, to bits.


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