Calm down, lets do yoga. Live Life. Female Buddha.

Struggle and strive. I’ll appreciate this as long as I’m alive.

I don’t want to be ignorant so I live in bliss.

No regrets, Life is too short to be shy, so I’ll give the first kiss.

I will listen as long as I have ears to hear.

It all happens so quick so I won’t live in fear.

Studying hard till I have that brain blast.

Living for the Present Cause an’t Shit in the past.

Listen and let me penetrate you, Phallus.

You about your shit then you better show us.

You live through the Pentacle of actions not thought.

You are respected based on everything you brought.

You can’t go to the future. Can’t go to the past.

Might as well take this. Make it Brilliant. Make it last.

Simple people settle and live for pain.

A wise person knows to be better than insane.

I live for better, I live to inspire.

Take all that bullshit and make something Brighter.

I am the best at my worst.

Marvelous when people hate me.

Cause then I don’t have a bunch people following me around playing destroy the dainty.

I Live by what I do. What I do is how I live.

For you haters I’m sorry you need me, but I have nothing to give.

If you don’t like me you are already forgotten, Not that I ever knew you.

There is a reason for your pain and that is something you alone need to get through to.

I’ll Forgive you because I live to be fair.

I been in pain and I know there is a reason why it’s there.

I’ll be your friend but I can’t be your enemy.

I just can’t live with that kind of madness inside of me.

I’ll shake your hand and quickly part away.

Pray that you find enlightenment some day.

I can’t be evil and I can’t be cruel. Too much love inside of me to play that fool.

I have gone through the valley of shadow and death.

But I still found beauty in live enough to continue my breathe.

I am many things but coward isn’t one.

I live up to my responsibilities and pay for what I have done.

There will be that day when my soul no longer sparkles in my eyes.

I will look back and see only a beautiful lie.

But that is was worth living.

A place without beauty is a place I find Forbidden.

Aesthetic to the end. You might find me vain.

But Vanity is the only thing I will live to Sustain.

So judge me and through that book.

I can not feel shame only pity as I look.

I keep my head down and silently weep.

For poor unfortunate souls live in Misery’s wake and keep.

You can say I am strange But I live for great things.

I live for the beautiful. I live for me.

So study find the peace in this.

I am not the one who is miserable.

So who is really at short end of this gist?


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