Miracles in Life

We are miracles that have turned into tragedies

We have lost sight of what is easy and what is right

Privileges that have become insanities

Forgotten gratitude and honored light

we look at our skin and see skin

Just look at our flesh, we are not flesh

beauty that blossom within

is a wonder we should never forget

letting my big crazy fro out

sing big and loud

say we are proud

I have eyes they scream and they say I will shout

Look in the mirror and smile cause I’ve been found

self hatred is a fashion statement

Being skinny is a law

I am gonna love me so hard they’ll hate it
and I don’t wanna be thin at all

I am tired of the stereotypes

This misogynistic fad

Sick of all the fake hype

Telling us to buy what we already have

If we found strength these people would go out of business

They make a profit off of our weaknesses

Disappointed in the judgment I witness

So stunned by all people it distresses

And we can be better if we forget our comfort zones

we have to want to change

Even if we have to do it alone

we have to break out of the cage

It is hard because this is all that we know

this is the negative cycle we call home

we will be lighter if we let go

You can only open horizons when you roam

All we have is the present

now is the the portal to the future

our youth will follow the resent

If this is what we represent in our culture

It takes a village to raise a child

we learn from each other

Our morals have become wild

we have to lift one another

we are the legacies that quickly become legends

Do you want to leave behind hell

or gift them with heaven?

We say we care cause it is easy to preach

Can we do what is right even though it is hard to reach?

Are we really what we hype up to be

The land of the brave and the people that are free

We are more than spectators

We are demonstrators

Of the freedom writers or the enslavers

of these people we call raiders

Open and popular haters

all who fall into commiserators

We are the standard

we are the living rule

All that can be heard

All that is considered cool

we are the light house beacon

they are watching us

and listening to all that we are speaking

Will we be remembered for violence and lust?

Do we have no greater ambition?

No more aesthetics?

No greater mission?

Will we regret it?

We are more than this

More than vanity

more than sex

more than negativity

more than insipid context

We are miraculous beings

We are Godly essence

We are beautiful things

A sounding sentence

We are music

and we are rhythm

we are movement

and we can give them


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