Long Rides

Long trips in cars

with sun twisted heat

comforting like the rocking sea

as safety pulls me under

I can rest

I can drift

in this carriage

and to be carried

so carefully is a stranger to me

to not be thrown




what are you?

So silky against my skin

this peace is sin

too delicious

too significant

I can taste autumn leaves

feel autumn colors in my sleep

I can smell earthly heavens

and worldly gods

hear enchantresses and crowing mermaids

contentment is wondrous

how can such be perfection?

And my faith is a steady tide

in these sort of perfections

these long drive

these feel so familiar

like a temptation home

I am a single phantom

in a grand loveliness

and I grip this

like chubby baby hands

I let my eyes drop

and I can die.

I can let go.

Such long ride

are my redeeming songs

like lyrics I knew in my hear all along

and if this is peace

this rhythm

that rocks under me

if this is forever

never ending

and everlasting

I can end

and begin

in the passing


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