Live Life

Life is like a whisper in wind,

Rarely ever heard, but you can feel it on your skin.

Faith is a dire need to get by.

If you never believe, how will you ever fly.

You can feel it in your heart, while you are praying on your knees.

When you are at the lowest, hide it so no one sees.

You can only run for so long though.

Life catches up, and its only running at a jog so.

Keep your head your up and the chill out your heart.

Running cold can only tear you apart.

Humble is a man who is surprised he breathes.

Wise is a man that has no malice when he leaves.

Expectations only lead to disappointed souls.

Only a fool lives for what he think he controls.

Living for nothing will give you everything.

Tasting thankfulness will make you give for what you bring. L

ive life with beauty because death is never dignified.

And we can say we lived, because God will know we had tried.

Better to live above, cause I have already been down below.

Rather have an adventure than to stay with what I already know.

Life is life, it is a substance that will never change.

I want to know Death, a stranger with in a different range.

Let them know me in Glory and Reverence.

Let them say when she died, she did a jig then a river dance.

You can exist in fear, or live in life.

I am going to live it up, and fuck it, let them say I did it twice.




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