It sometimes comes in the whispers of the wind

Howls it’s breeze in praise

If you listen and are very perceptive you can feel it slightly caress your cheek

If you are wise you can find it in the silence of an empty room

If you run so hard for so long you can find it pounding in your chest

It is never mean or cruel

It is very loving and always wants the best for you

It doesn’t control its flow for chaos is its most beautiful trait

If you think upon it with fond thoughts you will always have good fortune even in death

If you think upon it in malice and melancholy you will always be miserable

It gives everyone the opportunity to be happy,

To live and die in peace with themselves

Kiss and embrace it for it’s beauty, for its shell withers and becomes dust with it’s best day

Love is your greatest victory over your greatest enemy

To it, a moment is never wasted, even horrible has its wretched beauty

Taste thoroughly

Drink deeply

Cry passionately


Embrace always

Kiss and love

Moments fade

So make them all beautiful memories


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