Life for those

Glory to those who make many out of one

Humble are those whose wants are shunned

Peace for those who never waste a day

Happy are those who accept all that may

Misery for those who deny truth

Misfortune for those who dwell on youth

Torture for those who are horribly vain

Sadness for those who are overly strained

Love for those who care and accept

Knowledge for those who have hurt and wept

Victory for those who have overcome

Calm for those whose best friend is none

Respect for those who do what they seek

Courage for those who look fondly upon an enemy’s cheek

Content the person who never lets a day go by wasted or without a joyful cry

Beauty for those whose light burst though for miserable people who know not what they do

Wisdom for those who look and see, yet still accept and live and let be.


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