I have kept all my secrets

about who I am

and what I feel

I know you would be ashamed

I love you

but I can’t handle being blamed

just for knowing what is real


and I guess I just want you to know

that If I jump

If I jump

I’m letting go


I don’t plan to land

and I am too brave to fall

I am looking straight down

going see it all

to see all I can see

I know what I am doing

This is me living free


so I guess I will jump now

You can do what you will

I am this my way any how

and you feel what you feel


I loved you to the end

I just couldn’t break or bend

I won’t be broken for you

I don’t know how to


this is who I am

This is who I am

if it is wrong

take it up with God

for I was born damned!


 and I loved you to the end.


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