Happy Days Ahead

Happy days we laughing now! Too brave we ask how. Too sorry but not sad. Never look back at what we had. never say the right things. no Right here and it clings. We pushed too hard. it left scars. its who we are. at least so far. No you are right we don’t change. Just rearrange. Cant become what already is. cant miss what is known as emptiness.

Cant regret what has already come to pass. We are our moments. and lets face it our moments just don’t last. So we fade away. but never to gray. some say black, so loving you, is loving what I already lack. To know you and your hateful ways, is to know myself we share the same face. All the things Ive come to hate about you, are the things Ive already been through.

So blame me. tell me I’m never here. Abandonment looks like we have the same fear. We gets scared and roll out, we do to others what we dont want done to our selves. Honor never learned that. Father dont know where he’s at. I don’t want to be like him. no worries because I’m just like you. Your looks I hate. Because it me there .

Standing eyes blank and brain bare. Your my mother I loved you. that must mean I loved me too. I taste bitterness when I reach out because I know your motherly hands will only hold doubt. I cant be that person. that endless pain. I see hope. I reach, it came. No struggle. No hateful sneer. It was just happy that I brought it here.

I couldnt sit in the past waiting up for you to do what mothers do. I needed one then and now. We are so alike i’ll be my mother now. I dont love you anymore I dont hate you any less. I just bow graciously and wish you the best. I’ll just walk away, be the better man that I know my father never can. I’l be me. The greater of you two. The one who had courage to pull through.

I heard courage sometimes skips a generation, Well skipping ends here. my child will have a father and a mother who hold dear. loving and tenderness. it will never have to wonder or wish. you say when I’m angry that I’m ugly just like him. Maybe I am like neither of you. Maybe I am like grandparents and I do what I have to. Maybe.

But I guess you’ll never know. Happy days. Happy days ahead. filling my self with love. forgetting all the dread. Saying everything thats never been said. Happy days. you can call me Minnie, Or maybe Baby Doll. Or maybe call me nothing at all. Happy days. Light the skies a blaze for there are happy days. Happy days. ahead!


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