When the world becomes the night

shadows and mystery, do show their might

when nightmares do come true

I look inside myself, to you

when all is strange

and all things go that once came

I look within, to the power of the bright

Though tiny, I am shinning

The firefly, with the light.

I watch things go

and with loneliness I do glow

Filling with the only things I know

but I never do feel low

cause when the wind picks up

I swim

with every ending

I do begin

to glitter and glisten like a star

When I die I do go far

With my remnants, I create something knew

With my sorrow, I sparkle for you

With my end, I do flash bright

With my bottom, I illuminate the night


oh am I?

Am I?

The very thing in the air

the things that gleams only when dark is there

or am I just a happening?

another it, another being?

oh, am I?

Am I?

A firefly.

I can you look

can you see

can you open your heart to me

I am wonder

I am song

I am to be pondered

I am there all along

In the morning, I dew

In the evening, I become the moon

Just know when the day, doesn’t feel bright

That I will be waiting with the night

With a welcoming for your curiosity

With just a shimmer of generosity

When things don’t feel just quite right

Have certainty in my light

Just look far up at the sky

I am yours

Your, firefly


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