I’ll close my eyes

but I’ll breath deep the sounds of the night

these noises that are ringing

have struck a cord in me

that is never ending

and never failing

these tracks are derailing

my arms reach out flailing

these eyes speak be-telling

not words right enough for spelling

and I know you

your soft spoken words

that hide poison

as they slip within my skin

you are the body thief

you have stolen me

and in my foolishness I have let you

I have not known comfort

and in meeting you

I thought I met a friend

a traveling companion

no, you are silver tongued

and silver breathed

quick silver eyes

for my golden chest

I have been laid bare


I am the keeper of this hallow shell

and you call this home

you say anything is possible

but what possibility is this

if I am broken

and your lips kiss

I am unwound

spun and unbound

no solid ground

or sky that can show me

such comforts as my delusions

these hallucinations of grandeur

of grace

we are children

within children

before children

were babies

and we were adults

these grown ups are lies

I see

I see with my own eyes

I was needy

As child is needy

and urgent as a hunger is

and panicky as a fear is

and lonely as a lie is

I know these words

as I speak them

as I tear them

as I watch them

I know I am mistaken

Because I was never took

I was bent

and I was shook

on handles

they handled

because I was nothing

but an object

I have become abject

torn with no respect

will I not be honored?

will I be forgotten?

Had I mattered I would no be so rotten

this is life

I am just a passenger

and in passing I have seen

watched my story on a worn big screen

and I am tired

I am tired

I am tired

I sleep


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