Deep Inside

Tell me I am beautiful

Told you it’s just my soul

try to take a breath to let it go

I don’t think I’ll ever know

Something about that green

in your eyes that means

everything it brings

such powerful things


You were so alive

took my heart beat

took my loving

keep taking everything

I think I died

just one

almost done

one more

what for?

Just us

just the touch

just the love

just use to be so much

close my eyes

breath deep and dive

close my heart

you still make the breathing start

I am crazy

to think in maybe’s

I am insane

since the day you came

just you

just the end of me

just confused

just find who to be

who am I

I really tried

who are you

you selfish fool

there I go

on my way home

I think I am leaving again

I think I am retreating again

I think it’s better to spend

my life

far away



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